Our Group
Industrial responsibilities

Forge with heart classic quality

In the process of the clothing industry development, JZSS group always allocates resources of top quality to R&D design creativity and product quality construction instead of regarding volume of production as our first goal, to guarantee that every clothes has exquisite workmanship and delicate fabrication, then making our customers really feel the classic quality forged with heart.
Social responsibilities

Do well in charity and Care about the society

During 18 years, JSZZ group does its best to actively participate in social welfare undertakings all the time and make long-term investments in "Business assistance", "Education support " and "Hometown construction". Meanwhile, JZSS actively encourages and initiates employees to take part in social welfare activities in order to take concrete actions to fulfill their social responsibilities and reciprocate the society.
Conclusion: We sincerely hope that your understanding of JZSS group could be enhanced by the knowledge of our enterprise, staff and behavior code. All that we have done is for just one purpose, that is, our suppliers and customers are JZSS’s close comrades-in-arms and partners. Let us pursue win-win cooperation harmoniously and in good faith.