Orientation:a mature ladies’ brand of elegance, decency, wise and introversion
Style:decent, simple, elegant, classic
| More accumulation, more classic! |

Founded in 2004, Decently is not only JZSS’s renowned down jacket brand well received in Europe and America, but also the best self-owned clothing brand for export in China. Decently has top design and sample-production team, always committed to the accumulation and analysis of mature women ergonomic data to pursue and form a beauty of the combination of brand-new clothing, ornaments and shape by the research of women’s physical characteristics, the innovation of costume layout type and the carefulness of detailed functions. The longer Decently develops and accumulates, the more classical it becomes. The simple style and decent design of Decently has won countless praise in the overseas market. On the basis of the rapid development in overseas markets, our group identified a new development strategy to enter the domestic market. In 2012, the first domestic factory store was settled in Yizhuang of Beijing and created a miracle of a turnover of more than a million in the first month. On August 8, 2013, Decently entered Tmall and since then this brand has been back with all these glories in European and American markets.